Nathan Morland

Assistant Headmaster and Year 8 Home Room Teacher
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My name is Nathan Morland and I am the Assistant Headmaster and Year 8 Homeroom Teacher

I have been on staff at Waihi since 2012 and I love the opportunity to work with a top bunch of kids every single day. There are not two days the same at Waihi and I love the variety and experiences that this very special school offers.

I am very lucky to be married to the lovely Karen and we have two children - Luc and Sophie along with our mad chocolate labrardor called Orford and the resident school cat - Bella is also a fixture. Outside of the hub-bub of Waihi I like to spend time on either the road or mountain bike and exploring off the beaten path as much as possible.  I enjoy seeing how far I can push myself physically and mentally.  When I really want some quiet time and to be more sedate, I love to read!

Best Advice you were ever given?

Had plenty of great (and not so great!) advice over the years, but appreciating it is ok to say 'no' on occasions continues to be a work in progress!


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